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it's a file of the films i love (& don't love) cause i'm such a cinephile...get it? get it?

A collection of the movies I watched, old and new. Click the pictures to read my rants
if you like.

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Enjoy =)
Main Tera Hero.

Yeahhhh, no this movie was bad!! BUT you know sometimes you just need a stupid movie to balance you out. 

Parts of it make you giggle. 
Most of it you have no idea where it’s coming from. 
Acting is a little over. 
Pretty sure Anupam Kher is a double role. 
Varun is very hot ( like hot damn!!) pretty sure he could make a living just showing off his bod. BUT I hope I see him in something decent at some point.

I don’t know. If you’re looking for a stupid movie (for whatever reason) this is it. If you wanna see sexy bodies, then this is it. You’re not gonna get much else from this. Enjoyyyyy
22 Jump St.

Hahahaha I didn’t have faith in this movie but now I believe!!

Things you would probably say about God and not a movie.

Just as funny as the first. But maybe not as funny as the first. And I could just be high on laughter from the second lol

Either way it was funny. It’s definitely worth the watch. And them making fun of the fact that of more sequels just makes it that much better for me.