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Sooo if you follow me on my other personal blog you would know that I have been on a mission to find this soap opera.

It’s a Korean teenage drama that tumblr keeps posting. Mainly funny scenes which is how I got interested but it’s more of a romantic drama. I’m not really sure how I got hooked but boy did I get hooked!

My bitter ass doesn’t believe the romantic aspect of it is realistic. But the bitchiness, greediness and ranking of class seems kind of realistic. Hopefully to God, the ranking by wealth is a thing of the past in Korea (and everywhere else) by now. <- someone tell me so. 

Anyways, it’s a really good show. Everyone has a secret. Everyone is in love. And everyone is rich. Except for the 2 poor people. BUT everyone including the poor people had the fanciest phones.

I watched it on they have all the episodes (20) and they have 2 extra episodes. Episode 22 is like a behind the scenes kinda thing. Episode 21 is interesting. If you don’t want to watch the show then watch episode 21 which is basically the whole season summed into 2 hours. Basically like watching it as a movie. They also have subtitles (cause I def don’t know how to speak Korean) and if you sign up there are no commercials (boooooo commercials 👎)

Also, if you follow me on my other blog and you see a lot of Woo-Bin Kim…deal with it! I am madly in love with him. Kinda really pissed that he is all the way in Korea and I will never ever ever see him (not that I’m going to see any of the celebrities here [but one can dream]). He was probably my favorite character on the whole show! Just saying. Enjoy if you watch =))))

Ohhhh snapppsss

Let’s just say I reached a certain amount of followers and I’m TRULY grateful. Thank you for reading my laziness, my overboardness, my over boredness (ha see what I did there?) and even if you’re not reading them you’re still following me and for that I am grateful!!


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