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it's a file of the films i love (& don't love) cause i'm such a cinephile...get it? get it?

A collection of the movies I watched, old and new. Click the pictures to read my rants
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A Gentleman’s Dignity.

I know it’s not a movie and I know it’s not in English and I know it’s not new and I know that I’m pathetic and I know that this is a run on sentence BUT this is by far the best show I’ve ever watched.

I usually only watch comedy shows and I don’t do soaps but my thirst for Kim Woo Bin led me here. Though I started off very upset that he’s not in every episode and he’s only around for a few minutes, I have to say I really grew into this show and the other people in it lol.

It started off a little blah but little by little I got hooked. It’s actually really hilarious. Those 4 guys together legit act like HS boys and it’s really fun to watch them grow (even though they’re grown ass men already). And it’s super romantic. ((I’m guessing that most Korean soaps are??)) I think what I love most about the romantic aspect of this show is the pace that they all took. I feel like American shows, (or us in general) are kissing and sexy stuff all the time. But the pace they took (Seo Yi Soo & Kim Do Jin) is pretty beautiful. The way I would want things to happen for me..((so obviously the way things are not gonna happen right?)) lol.

Anyways, yeah this show is awesome-sauce. Really funny, really romantic. Ummm it’s a show about men in their 40s so I’m not sure how many young people would like this. I am in my mid 20s & my brain is in its mid 60s so this show actually works out perfectly for me. Somehow this was way more realistic to me than “Heirs.” Sooo if you’re that kinda person (a person like me [a totally a AWESOME person]) then you’ll probably love this. 

If you go to you’ll find someone who posted links for all 20 episodes (on another site). Or you can go on (but you’ll have to make an account). Or you can go to, I think, OR you can just totally Google it. <- the obvious easiest way to find anything ever!!

That’s 4 different ways to watch this show. So don’t go crying about how you can’t find it. If you do go out of your way and watch it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have =)
Chingu 2. (Friend 2)

What whaaaa first Korean movie!! My world is expandin yo!

So I’m not gonna lie to you…I watched this movie completely out of thirst reasons. If you noticed I had found myself a Korean soap opera to watch. In that soap opera I found Kim Woo Bin, fell madly in love with him, fangirling the shit out of him on my other blog and found a list of all the things he’s ever been in. Which is how I came across this gem.

Now I wanted to watch the first one just so I’m not confused in this movie. And I really fought with myself over it but you know thirst beats brains all the time and so I just went straight for the sequel. I’m not too sure what I missed in the first one but this second one is not hard to keep up with.

Hmm I don’t know. I don’t know if I liked this movie. There are a few parts with Kim Woo Bin that I thought were extremely gangster. And those are probably the parts that make me like the movie. The story is decent, actually thinking about it I really like the story. But I think it could have been stretched out a little..cause now I’m starting to think it happened all too fast. BUT in their defense, the source where I watched it might have cut some scenes off….so yeah I really shouldn’t be talking. 

Thirst….now that I can talk about! Since it is the whole reason I watched this movie. Kim Woo Bin is soooo fine! He’s like slim but strong. Dressed amazing once he becomes in the Gang or whatever (& he dresses amazing in real life too). And then there a few scenes that are super gangster to me. The hospital definitely being one of them.

I probably should see the first one but who am I kidding?? I’m just gonna look for more things with him in it. BUT if you’d like to tell me about the first one id be more than glad to listen. And if you want to support my thirst then I would greatly appreciate that. K byeeeeeee

Sooo if you follow me on my other personal blog you would know that I have been on a mission to find this soap opera.

It’s a Korean teenage drama that tumblr keeps posting. Mainly funny scenes which is how I got interested but it’s more of a romantic drama. I’m not really sure how I got hooked but boy did I get hooked!

My bitter ass doesn’t believe the romantic aspect of it is realistic. But the bitchiness, greediness and ranking of class seems kind of realistic. Hopefully to God, the ranking by wealth is a thing of the past in Korea (and everywhere else) by now. <- someone tell me so. 

Anyways, it’s a really good show. Everyone has a secret. Everyone is in love. And everyone is rich. Except for the 2 poor people. BUT everyone including the poor people had the fanciest phones.

I watched it on they have all the episodes (20) and they have 2 extra episodes. Episode 22 is like a behind the scenes kinda thing. Episode 21 is interesting. If you don’t want to watch the show then watch episode 21 which is basically the whole season summed into 2 hours. Basically like watching it as a movie. They also have subtitles (cause I def don’t know how to speak Korean) and if you sign up there are no commercials (boooooo commercials 👎)

Also, if you follow me on my other blog and you see a lot of Woo-Bin Kim…deal with it! I am madly in love with him. Kinda really pissed that he is all the way in Korea and I will never ever ever see him (not that I’m going to see any of the celebrities here [but one can dream]). He was probably my favorite character on the whole show! Just saying. Enjoy if you watch =))))

Ohhhh snapppsss

Let’s just say I reached a certain amount of followers and I’m TRULY grateful. Thank you for reading my laziness, my overboardness, my over boredness (ha see what I did there?) and even if you’re not reading them you’re still following me and for that I am grateful!!


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