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it's a file of the films i love (& don't love) cause i'm such a cinephile...get it? get it?

A collection of the movies I watched, old and new. Click the pictures to read my rants
if you like.

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Enjoy =)
Total Siyapaa.

This movie was stupid! That’s right I just got straight to the point. 

Good things about this movie:
-Ali Zafar
    -sings all the songs himself
    -plays a Pakistani (which he is in real.   life)
-Anupam Kher
-the whole movie happens within a day.

I thought it was a dull beginning. I’m over the whole Indo-Pak thing. I did not understand Jia (as a person) but I think she’s beautiful; though her jumper made her look wide (just saying). And yeah I don’t know…it was just blah. 

It’s on Netflix now if you wanna watch. I had more hopes for this movie. I also LOVE Ali Zafar and I think he can do much better. 

(And omG…come to me already you sexy vampire you!) okay that’s all! Enjoy if you watchhhhh
North 24 Kaatham.

Okay so I never heard of this movie. I just heard Fahadh Faasil and watched this with my mom.

I also looked it up before watching cause I missed the beginning. He has something* in this movie that I am interested in. Something* I feel most adults (aka my parents and people like them) don’t understand. So I watched it…and I’m not gonna lie, the adventure they went on was cute and fun BUT I don’t think they explained this something* as well as they should have. Or even at all. Maybe it was in the beginning and I missed it, I don’t know. They could’ve done a better job explaining it AND I’m sorry but LOVE is not the cure for it. Maybe it could affect it a little but def not a cure. Just saying.

** I wish I could say what this something is but i would be basically ruining the movie. I didn’t think it was that great but I would never stop you or the person behind you from watching it. So watch it, tell me what you think and maybe even explain things to me =))

Also, I cannot get over how cool movie posters in the Malayalam film industry are. When I found this one I was not expecting it to look like that. And I’m really happy cause movie posters back in the day were not…like good for the actual movie lol.

Anyways enjoy if you watch this =)